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Autrement – Johanna, des Papotages de Nana

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I met Johanna from the blog Les Papotages de Nana , at an event organized by Mlle Gima at the Secret Square. I had to take pictures during this afternoon “Secret of Women” and I quickly noticed the fabulous tattoo of Joh. Being tattooed myself, it is true that I really like tattoos, as you can you see with portraits I did of French blogger Eve Rock’n'Roll . When we started the project Autrement with my dear Manon, I immediately thought about Joh and her tattoo.

Johanna’s site deals primarily with food. The blogger shares with us the delicious recipes she concocted with love (Mr. Papotages won’t contradict me I think), but it also talks about fashion, beauty … For her shooting, Joh wanted something that is truly “Autrement”, exploring a theme where we do not expect her…

We have extensively exchanged with Johanna about her Autrement. Several ideas were attacked but we retained the atmosphere of the 50′s. Joh had the perfect dress for this photoshoot: a beautiful dress she had designed / sewed herself, for her wedding. Marriage has also held … today! (Congratulations Johanna!)

So there we were in this beautiful August day (yes I know, we were able to count on the fingers of one hand fine days in Paris in August. In July as well) at the restaurant Happy Days Diner Châtelet in Paris . The restaurant sign announced “Back to the fifties”. Well they were not lying. Everything was there: the jukebox, the decor, music (internet radio created by the restaurant) … It was perfect! Our host was very helpful and very friendly. He allowed us to invest the entire first floor of the restaurant.
My assistant of the day, Aude (called “Dounette”) helped me a lot during this shoot. She also lightened some of my money up at Abercrombie’s during afternoon but that’s another story.

Joh told me after the shoot she was a little nervous before and during the session. It was her “first time” and she thought that perhaps she could not do it. I’ll let you judge if she did well out … Personally I think she was just perfect.

Find more pictures, in king size, Johanna’s blog:

A big thank you to Johanna for her involvement in the project and for her kindness and patience. A big thank you to my dear Dounette for her help. Special Thanks to the restaurant HD Diner in Paris (Chatelet) for their warm welcome.

  • Chris

    Je retrouve la Johanna que je connais: pétillante, élégante, et so sexy! Bravo pour cette magnifique séquence qui l’a met superbement en lumière !

  • annouchka

    C’est une superbe série, Johanna est parfaite ! Elle a très bien joué le jeu, et j’aime tout : le décor, sa robe, ses poses… En plus c’est une fille adorable <3 Je lui souhaite beaucoup de bonheur !

  • Nana ou JOh

    Olala, je découvre l’article au retour du week end de mariage. Je suis toute émue par les jolies choses que j’y lis.

    Merci encore Tode ! C’était un plaisir et un honneur de jouer les modèles rétro pour toi. On remet ça quand tu veux. Des bisoux.

  • Tode

    Merci Chris ! “pétillante, élégante, et so sexy” : tout est dit !
    Annouchka, c’est clair que JOh a vraiment très bien joué le jeu… Thx !
    Madame, de rien, encore merci à toi… Et clair qu’on va remettre ça…! ;)

  • Knit Spirit

    Elle est vraiment trop belle ma chouchoute !
    Vous avez fait du beau boulot tous les trois (si j’ai bien tout compter :P ). Bravo !

  • Tode

    Merci…! C’était vraiment sympa comme session, on a passé un bon moment et Madame JOh est un très joli modèle :)

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  • Angelubies

    Magnifiques photos de Johanna!! Bravo!

  • Toute Petite

    Wahoo, les photos sont très chouettes : le cadre, le modèle, les couleurs… vraiment très sympa!

  • Tode

    Merci Aurélie…!

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  • Gentleman W

    Une si belle image de la féminité, un portrait si souriant, extérieurement et intérieurement.